333 12h kartingu izturības sacensības | 08.07.2017.

This year we continue the tradition and the largest summer go-kart race will be held at the festival “PLAYGROUND”!
On Saturday, July 8, we will host a first-time-ever competition in Baltic States - SWS ENDURANCE CUP race for teams with distance – 12 hours!
The competition will be organized in the sports complex “333” new track with the new SR5 go - karts. REGULATIONS HERE
Team entry fee: 990 EUR
Applications are open until 6th of July, 2017; application process:
1. Participants and team registration - www.sodiwseries.com, 333 track profile
2. Membership registration must be sent to sws@333.lv indicating:
-  The title of team
-  The mobile number of the team leader
-  The team members full names, surnames and weights
Race schedule| 8th of July:
08:00 - 08:20 Documents received, the go-kart raffle by the leader of the team
08:30 - 09:15 Practice
09:30 - 10:30 Qualification. Each team will get only one flying lap. There can be only max two teams in the track at the same time.
11:20 - 11:40 The meeting of team members;
12:00 START
Changing process * (to be defined)
Refueling *(to be defined)
00:00 FINISH
Since the race takes place in the festival “PLAYGROUND”, every participant will receive a 3-day entry ticket for the festival as well.
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