333 veikparks is one of the first Latvian cableparks.This is a fantastic place for experienced riders and beginners . The park is also praised by the world-class riders from the U.S. , Russia and Germany. As well as our Latvian Pro -level riders are coming to our park to practice their skills and tricks. Every year we organizing competitions in both standard as well as Lucky Trouble competitions in which we emphasize enthusiasm , diversity and joy of the sport .

Wake features in the park -  funbox , two kickers and 18m slide box . Every year we try to please riders with a new design diversity. For the rent we have Ronix boards and wetsuits by Body Glove .

The park is located in 333 Sports Complex area ( Sila Priedes , Ropazu county, LV- 2133) . We have a good balance between the car sceen and nature, its only 15min away from the city . Evenings and mornings are most magic – they are incredibly beautiful and quiet , during the day everybody are free to spend the day sunbathing and swimming . In addition entertainment  we have a Slack rope of balance , where everyone can train balance , LV produced balance board ( same goal ) , volleyball , forest walks , berry or mushroom picking.

The glory of our park is our water! We certainly have the most cleanest water among all cableparks. Clear, clean and refreshing .



CABLE: 1 hour - 35 EUR
30 min. - 18 EUR
15 min. - 10 EUR

(1 hour):
Board - 5 EUR
Wakeskate - 5 EUR
Life vest - for free
Helmet - for free
Wetsuit - 5 EUR
Towel - 1 EUR

SUP board
30min - 4 EUR
1h - 7 EUR


Gril - 10 EUR per hour
Bar - 25 EUR per hour

For reservation :
+371 27718333

Manager of 333 Veikparks :
+371 26613330

e-mail - 333veikparks@gmail.com

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