Safe driving range


The testing ground

A multifunctional area. From the simplest parking job to a complex slalom - the track is suited for exercises of any complexity. This also includes a braking area with various surfaces to evaluate the stopping distance under different grip conditions. The area also includes an aquaplaning zone. Aquaplaning is one of the most treacherous conditions that no one is protected from on the road. It is possible to learn what actually happens during aquaplaning in perfectly controlled conditions and test handling and braking under such circumstances. A perfect test track for your newly purchased tyres!

The hill course

The track with the highest speed and elevation. This track demonstrates how grip changes on a steep incline, how it affects braking distance, how the incline G-forces affect the car. How to properly deal with such conditions? You can test it all on this track. The series of exercises on the track are: hard acceleration over a short distance, avoiding obstacles at high speed, braking and cornering. The conditions here are made more challenging by a special epoxy surface that reduces the grip to a minimum and water obstacle sections. For those who just cannot get enough thrills from this, there is a speed measurement device for measuring the performed exercises. Who will be the fastest and most accurate?

The circle course

The main objective of this track is to allow one to find and understand the edge of the grip of the car when the speed exceeds the grip. You can safely learn how to deal with situations that on the road, usually end in an accident or, in the best case, with a serious scare. Thanks to the special profile, unlike on the skidpad, the skid starts on the front axle. Once you have mastered the handling here, water obstacles are added to make the task more interesting and challenging. The driver not only has to control the skid, but also has to avoid obstacles at the same time. This is a perfect track to master the choice of driving speed under slippery conditions and learn how to properly handle situations where the speed is too high.


The most complicated, yet the most exciting course. This course causes the vehicle to drift using special equipment. The intensity, speed and direction of the drift can be adjusted. The drifting can also be set in automatic mode to make its direction unpredictable. To make the course even more interesting, two levels of water obstacle sections have been installed. Artificial obstacles are intended to prepare the driver for handling unexpected situations such as pedestrians, animals, reckless motorcyclists or any objects on the road. The centre imitates all of these using safe obstacles. The driver not only has to control the drift, but also avoid the obstacles. Thanks to the wide range of adjustment, this course can be a real challenge even for professional racing drivers.

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