Our sports complex cannot be imagined without karting. Anyone, no matter how old or experienced, can drive a go-kart.

The “333” race track was originally designed as a go-kart course. Despite having been adapted to various other motorsports disciplines, the main emphasis is still on go-karting and go-kart rental.
The go-kart circuit offers its services for professionals as well as beginners. With up to 30 go-karts for children and adults we have the largest range of go-karts in Latvia, therefore our complex the best choice for individuals or corporate customers. Our complex is the only one in Latvia where you can rent go-karts in an open-type go-kart circuit.

Our experience shows that rental go-karts is one of the best and most versatile entertainment services for corporate customers. Regardless of whether you choose the Le Mans-style 8 hour night race, simple club race or staff day-out, “333” will design an proposal that best meets the customer’s preferences and budget to ensure maximum satisfaction with the service and correct choice.

The Track: Tarmac
Length: 650 m
Description: Track for rental go-karts

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