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2015. Go-kart school season

Children are our future and it is undeniably the greatest feeling to give your child the best - not only in terms of daily care, but also something special. And we can do it - with the Go-kart school for children!

Since 2007, 333 features a Go-kart school where children and teenagers can practice one of the basic motorsports disciplines - go-kart racing. 90% of the Go-kart school target audience are 8-16 years old and the remaining 10% are younger than 8 or older than 16.

Every student of the Go-kart school acquires the first level of knowledge about the go-kart sport through theoretical and practical lessons. 20% of the course consists of theoretical lessons and knowledge about go-kart design, official race regulations, knowledge of the fastest and best racing lines. During the lessons, students not only engage in the sport of go-karting - about 1/5 of the time is devoted to other sports - physical activities such as football, volleyball, track and field, etc. The Go-kart School instructors are highly qualified in their field, professional, and have high achievements in motorsports.


2015.gada programmā ir veiktas izmaiņas, kuras attiecas uz konkrēta vecuma (no 16 līdz 18 gadiem) dalībniekiem, kuriem tiks pasniegti pamati drošas braukšanas  autovadīšanas pamati kā topošajiem ceļu satiksmes dalībniekiem.  

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Ropaži district co-funding. (read more)

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Benefits of the Go-kart school:

  • The opportunity to practice motorsports for an affordable price;
  • The best way to verify if you want to be professionally involved in this sport in the future;
  • The best way to learn motorsports basics through go-karts before engaging in higher-level competitions;
  • Students gain an understanding of motorised driving which is also a good foundation before becoming a driver in traffic;
  • Students not only practice go-karting, but also study theory and practice other physical sports;
  • Opportunity to spend time together with well-known and successful racing drivers and obtain valuable information about their driving skills, driving style and an athlete's lifestyle.

The Go-kart School concept/programme is designed to be interesting and exciting for the student, versatile and educational. The Go-kart School offers two types of pricing:

750,- EUR includes:
  • 12 lessons;
  • Lunch;
  • School T-shirt.
900,- EUR includes:
  • 12 lessons;
  • Lunch;
  • School T-shirt;
  • Transport to sports complex 333 from Riga city or region and back..

Contacts: +371 29493334 or e-mail nellija@333.lv

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