For the firts time “Rotax Nordic Challenge” takes place in Latvia, 333 track!

On  2nd - 3rd of June more than 100 drivers from 11 countries will join for the first round of this years “Rotax Nordic Challenge”!
We are glad to host for the first time in "333" a European levek go-kart race with drivers from Baltics, Finland, Sweeden, Norway, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Georgia.
Serious men like Kevin Friesacher, Formula 3, Ferenc Kancsar, Formula 3 and Formula Masters, and this season’s leading go-kart driver the Latvian Haralds Garkaklis will be competing! 
Join us at “333” and experience the go-karting competitiveness live! 
Regulations HERE | Time table of race weekend HERE
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