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A vehicle brand is something more than just a car - it is a lifestyle! This is why we also cater for owners of 4x4s and their interests. We are proud to announce that in collaboration with our partner " ExploreLatvia" we are planning the construction of Latvia's first 4x4 course in 2013. The aim is to build a 4x4 park within 1-2 years to offer various tracks and elements to drivers with different skill levels. Sports complex 333 has been pondering this idea for several years already. A contributing factor to the implementation of this idea is the fact that almost one third of all cars in Latvia are SUV type. Taking into account the advice by our Austrian partners and the experience of " ExploreLatvia", it is planned to open an advanced 4x4 course as the first part of the 4x4 park. The SUV park will be based on the existing hill near the track that will be surrounded by courses of various levels, terrain and surface where everyone can test their skills.

It will be suitable for casual drivers as well as offroad enthusiasts. The aim of the 4x4 course is to provide quality and safe conditions for everyone interested in testing their skills and the capabilities of their vehicle in offroad conditions. The owners of 4x4 vehicles often do not know what to do with their car offroad and what it is capable of. Here, everyone can test their own skills and the capabilities of their potential new car before buying it. With the increasing popularity of 4x4 tourism, we will certainly welcome corporate events and foreign guests, including those from the Baltic States, as there is currently no park of this type in any of the Baltic States.

A track suitable for any 4x4 vehicle.

The track is located on a purpose-built hill. The track features various levels of complexity and sections with very steep terrain.

Basic course

In-depth course

Total training time: up to 3.5h.

The training process is organized in groups, using a personal car of a participant.

Theoretical part: up to 1.5h
The basic course includes getting acquainted with specifics of SUVs. Insight in technical differences which will help to understand how all-wheel-drive cars work. How to use SUVs technically correct on different surfaces, in different weather conditions and on surfaces with different angles. Attention will be paid to safe driving for you and your car.

Practical part: up to 2h
The practical part of this course will take place in a 4x4 site where under supervision of an instructor a driver will acquire knowledge and practical skills on benefits and correct use of a car, and will improve its driving skills.

The author of this program is Girts Pramnieks (Ģirts Prāmnieks) (the organizer of more than 200 off-road driving events, more than 10 years experience).


Individuall course: 219,00 EUR
Discounts will be applied for group cours

 + 80,00 EUR for car rent


Total training time: up to 8h

The training process is organized in groups, using a personal car of a participant.

Theoretical part: up to 4h
• SUV - definition
• Geometrical parameters. Ground clearance, approach and exit angles.
• Flotation radius. Improving geometrical parameters.
• Bodywork and transmission lift.
• Transmission, its types (regular and switchable all-wheel-drive).
• Lower gear. Junction box - tasks and technical solutions.
• Lockable differentials (in the junction box, bridges). Hard and partial locking.
• Suspension – dependent and independent. Bridge articulation. Springs, leafsprings and torsions.
• Wheels. Tyres and discs, their dimensions, designations and right choice.
• Tread types and application. Tyre pressure
• Additional equipment. Ropes, cables, carbines, jacks, hoists – types and application. Additional lighting etc.
• Electronic systems. Adjustable suspension, transmission modes, control switches and buttons, as well as operation of electronic systems.
• Safety technique. Extraction of stuck cars, hoisting, use of a jack.
• Correct and safe driving technique on muddy tyre tracks, sand.
• Driving uphill and descending from slopes. Getting over water obstacles and driving on inclined surfaces etc.

Practical part: up to 4 h
• Correct trajectory of movement, choice of safe speed and appropriate transmission gear. Also a correct driving technique by overcoming various obstacles depending on the season and surface.
• Acquisition of maximum approach and exit angles, and flotation radius. Maximum inclination angle. Training for better feeling of the car’s size. Extraction of a stuck car and hoisting.
• Application of additional equipment.


Individual course: 349,00 EUR
Discounts will be applied for group cours

+ 90,00 EUR for car rent





30 minute drive on the off-road track with the new LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 333, under supervision of an instructor. A great insight in the 4x4 world for a very affordable price. Steep slopes, water and mud obstacles. Nerve-tickling drive ONLY FOR 59,00 EUR


Additional options:

A chance to acquire both courses individually.
Car rental.

Using the jeep track outside the schedule of training courses offered by 333 150.00 EUR/h or 30.00 EUR/h per car.

We offer individual format events as well.  Telephone +371 29555333

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